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Silverdraft uses unique supercomputing architecture to address the significant computational and processing needs of high-end rendering, virtual reality, visual effects and visualization. Meaning—they build wicked fast and powerful custom-configured supercomputers for Hollywood’s movie masters, the world’s top auto manufacturers, premium sports networks, and more. Hinton Creative was hired to tell their story and showcase their incredible products on their new site.




Design & Development by The Medium Art & Design Studio


“From client messaging to brainstorming creative solutions to writing and editing, Lori plays a key role in our web design process.

– Lisa Tuininga, Principal for the meduim art & design studio


Silverdraft Supercomputers is made up of an eclectic team of actors, producers, computer scientists, business technologists and bankers with over 75 years of experience in the technology industry.

Silverdraft  builds some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world when it comes to high-end rendering, visual effects and virtual reality. It was time to tell the story of their two incredible products: The Demon & The Devil.

Hinton Creative not only got to write all the web content for these innovative tech gurus, but also had the opportunity to interview their top clients to write compelling case studies. Check out the interview with Perry Harovas from World Wrestling Entertainment—the creators of WrestleMania—one of the top 5 most valuable sports brands in the world, behind only the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the FIFA World Cup (Forbes).


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