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Portugal with Camille Becerra is a travel writing assignment Hinton Creative crafted for Modern Adventure. Partnering with celebrated chefs, winemakers, craft brewers, hoteliers, and mission-driven brands, Modern Adventure curates immersive travel experiences with influential tastemakers on sustainable adventures all over the planet.




We’re absolutely thrilled with Lori’s writing. It sings with the joy and celebration that we seek to embrace with our brand.

– Luis Vargas, Founder & CEO of Modern Adventure


Modern Adventure was founded in 2017 by pioneers of the adventure travel industry, CEO Luis Vargas and COO Scott McNeely. Vargas is the president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association and both founders bring over two decades of travel experience as industry execs for REI, Backroads, TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and more.

As the name implies, Modern Adventure is a new way to travel. “We seek the brave, the joyful and the curious to join us in using travel as a force for good in our lives and in the lives of the people and places we visit,” explains Vargas.

“We are expert magic makers who believe the most profound human experiences occur during the moments of discovery and exploration.”

Modern Adventure hired Hinton Creative to create the content for its inaugural trip to Portugal with renowned New York chef Camille Becerra. Lori’s travel background in Portugal allowed her to write from experience and help paint a vivid picture of this once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunity.


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In its first year of operation, Modern Adventure has been featured in:

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