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Cascade Designs is a collection of innovative award-winning outdoor brands including Therm-a-Rest, MSR, Platypus, SealLine and PackTowl. Cascade Designs contracts Hinton Creative to name products, prints and colors, and create web copy, packaging copy, video scripts, email campaigns, blogs and strategic messaging for its emerging brands.


Copywriting, Scriptwriting, Strategic Messaging & Naming



“Lori is a fantastic talent to collaborate with; she produces excellent copy fit for any task on any time line.”

– Addison Nanney, Marketing Specialist for Cascade Designs


Cascade Designs was founded in Seattle in 1972 by outdoor enthusiasts and former Boeing engineers. The company’s first claim to fame was the introduction of Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads—the world’s first self-inflating mattress. The company purchased MSR, a Seattle outdoor equipment manufacturer known for its innovative mountain climbing gear from ice axes and climbing helmets to backcountry stoves and mountaineering tents. SealLine was purchased bringing with it the  introduction of a dry bag with dual-strip closure design, creating the most waterproof roll-top dry bag closure on the market. Cascade also acquired Platypus—the leader in flexible, taste-free hydration for 20 years with award-winning products including filters, hydration pack, and storage. The last in Cascade’s list of impressive brands, PackTowl (the original outdoor towel brand), joined with its offering of lightweight, quick-drying, ultra-absorbent and highly-packable towels.

While Cascade is the overall company umbrella, each brand within Cascade has its own voice, tone, look and personality. Hinton Creative works with Cascade’s brands to produce clear and compelling copy, write scripts, name products and tell each brand’s unique story.

“I’ve worked with Lori for the better part of a year, and she’s proved to be a fantastic talent to collaborate with,” says Addison Nanney, Marketing Specialist for Cascade Designs.

“Between Lori’s timeliness in hitting deadlines, her thorough digging into the topics at hand, and attention to key details, she’s shown that she can produce excellent copy fit for any task on any time line.”

Hinton also has a passion for outdoor pursuits and is an advocate for each of Cascade Design’s award-winning brands.


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