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Who is Hinton Creative?

Hinton Creative is led by Lori Hinton. Growing up in the ad industry, Hinton started pecking on the keys of her dad’s Smith Corona at an early age. Fresh out of college, she shared her worldly adventures in travel magazines before landing jobs in advertising, video production and editorial. She wrote for Sage Fly Rods and Seattle’s Best Coffee, produced shows for Discovery Channel and Nat Geo TV, served as a scriptwriter for Bill Nye The Science Guy, and helped NASA create a live hip-hop science show for kids that toured the country for over a decade. Hinton’s diverse background had one thread in common—a love for storytelling. In an effort to combine her experience into one incredible opportunity to do it all, she founded Hinton Creative in 2003.

Based in Seattle, Hinton values her Pacific Northwest roots, authoring the city’s first neighborhood guidebook, West Seattle 101, and writing for local papers and blogs. But Hinton’s career has taken her all over the world and technology allows her to work with clients everywhere.

Hinton Creative is often larger than Lori. From designers and photographers to media buyers and videographers, she works with a team of trusted Creative Partners, giving Hinton Creative the ability to offer full service creative and strategic marketing. If clients have their own designers, she can work with them too.

Creative Partners

What We Do

Hinton Creative can write catchy headlines, craft compelling content, design your site, and make your web copy sing. We can create your logo and build your brand, boost your blogging game, or name your products (and write the intriguing stories behind them). We can script, shoot and produce your video project, write your book, and turn the tiniest spark of an idea into just about anything— from a live stage show to a full length documentary. The sky’s the limit.


Got a great story? Take the road less traveled. Your story is unique. The way you tell it should be too. Contact Lori Hinton to find out how.