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ESTD • 2003

Take the Road Less Traveled to Tell Your Story

You have a unique story just waiting to be told. Whether it’s revealed through the web, video, print, social media or some other guerilla marketing technique you haven’t even considered yet, let Hinton Creative take you off the beaten path. To craft your story in a fresh and imaginative way. To reach and resonate with your audience. To create an emotional connection to your brand. And most importantly, to inspire action and results.


  • Copywriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Producing
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Strategy
  • Naming
  • Editorial
  • Research
  • Marketing

“I’ve worked with Lori for the better part of a year, and she’s proved to be a fantastic freelance writing talent to collaborate with. Between her timeliness in hitting deadlines, her thorough digging into the topics at hand, and attention to key details, she’s shown that she can produce excellent copy fit for any task on any timeline—from product copy and email campaigns to messaging strategy and video scripting.”

Addison Nanney, Marketing Specialist for Cascade Designs

“Lori couldn’t be more wonderful to work with—she really listens at the onset of a project, crafting copy that fits the project’s tone and engages its audience. I’ve collaborated with Lori on a wide range of projects over the past 5+ years, targeting everyone from kids, to luxury apartment buyers, to beer geeks, and more. In all cases, Lori produced strategic, thoughtful work, and was a pleasure to work with—always professional, kind, and knowledgeable.”

Shannon Palmer, Creative Director for DEI Creative

“Working with Lori Hinton is an awesome experience. She is not only a great writer and producer but also a problem solver. The Let’s Ride with Bill Nye series came about from a conversation about how to reach a broader demographic in a fun and unconventional way. She not only generated the idea but wrote, edited, and pulled together some of the most amazing set of our resources to make it happen.”

Steve Westover, VP of Marketing for Diamondback Bicycles

“Lori makes things happen. Her creative concepts are like none other and delivery is timely. When it comes to communication, Lori listens first and foremost. From there you’ll hear from her on a consistent basis and feel a part of the creative development. We feel like her only client as a result.”

Jennifer Witsoe, Co-Founder of Mediability

“We are absolutely thrilled with the Lori’s copy. It sings with the joy and celebration that we seek to embrace with our brand. Obigrado!”

Luis Vargas, Founder & CEO of Modern Adventure

“Oasis has worked with Lori for over 15 years. From ideation to realization, Lori consistently shines with her creativity and insight into her audience. We work with amazing, well-known brands and Lori is able to dive into each client’s brand voice, look and feel—producing work that truly reflects and supports the brand image and messaging. She is passionate, organized, detailed and a great support to a creative team. Her scripts have taken kids to space, let them be a princess for a day, and taught them how to treat the planet with kindness.”

Wyndi Rejniak, VP of Strategy & Planning for Oasis Productions

“For us, the most important thing to starting a new brewery in today’s market was creating the brand. Something that fits our community, our location, our personalities, and of course, sells. Everything about our brand could not be a more perfect fit, thanks to Lori and her team. She took the time to understand what we wanted, but also to guide us in a direction of how to make that work.”

Sean Aylward, General Manager for San Juan Island Brewing Co.

“We have worked with Lori on numerous projects together during the last 5 years. From helping a business clarify its messaging, to brainstorming creative solutions, to final writing and editing, she plays a key role in our web and print design process. Plus, she’s a great communicator, always delivers on time, and is a pleasure to work with!”

Lisa Tuininga, Principal for The Medium Art & Design Studio

“Lori was ahead of her time in having the insight to write a guidebook [West Seattle 101] on this rapidly growing, well-loved Seattle neighborhood. Each of her 101 articles meant something special to the people of her community—it was their story she told. And for that West Seattle truly embraced West Seattle 101.”

John Zilly, Author & Publisher for Adventure Press

“Lori is quick, responsive to direction, accurate, and her travel experience shows through in her descriptive writing that richly paints a picture of our unique Windstar 180 degrees from ordinary experience.”

Gail Manahan, Content Editor for Windstar Cruises



Got a great story? Take the road less traveled. Your story is unique. The way you tell it should be too. Contact Lori Hinton to find out how.